September 16, 2015

First question: What’s the difference between monitoring and analytics?

Brandwatch (social media monitoring) provides some napkin notes on a few of the best (mostly free) social media analytics tools available.


Top 8 Great Value Social Media Analytics Tools

September 16, 2015

The folks at Tufts have thought this through … and we can all benefit.

best practice 2

Social Media Best Practices

May 29, 2013

16 Reasons (but surely there are more!)


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February 20, 2013

They Run Deep!

Your Social Media Roots


Infograph created by Click image to see “roots” in their full glory, as part of article.

November 2, 2012

The Voice of Canadian Editors

Excellent resource for skill set descriptions, certification, continuing education.

September 17, 2012

Media by Numbers

I love this infographic not only for the wealth of information it contains, but also the elegant presentation. (via HuffPostBooks)
Created by: MBA Online

September 2, 2012

Don’t let grammar grouches harsh your buzz!

For centuries, sticklers the world over have donned the cloak of authority to control the way people use words. This book strikes back to defend the fascinating, real-life diversity of this most basic human faculty.

I’m ordering this book for some light “back-to-school” reading. Like the author, I follow the idea that communication is THE thing, not the rules, per se. I’ve written about this in earlier posts; often proper grammar usage and clear communication happily co-exist, but a powerful and effective message doesn’t always stick to the rules, nor should it, imho. (See what I did there?)

Text in context seems like a fair enough approach to me. For example, I have no problem with SMS abbreviations. They suit the medium just fine and are kinda fun as well. Don’t you agree? (I know many who don’t!)

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August 22, 2012

I’ve been accused of worse.

The G.O.D. complex.

July 19, 2012

Cloud + Apps Converge to Create Capital-Lite Cos

“With the rise of cloud computing, we’re seeing more of a new breed of extremely lightweight company, unencumbered by capital investments, acting as a broker of services assembled from offerings drawn from or supported by third-party providers. Imagine the possibilities when this is combined with the emerging mobile “App Economy,” in which budding enterprises can be supported by micro-revenues streaming in from online app sales.” via Joe McKendrick, Forbes

March 19, 2012

Social Media Cheat Sheet

Handy @flowtown infographic provides an overview of platforms with pros and cons of each.


But it doesn’t mention the burgeoning Pinterest powerhouse, so here’s another helpful infographic, courtesy of the folks at @mashable and @maxymiser.

March 15, 2012

Integrating SEO into Social Media Efforts

Your company doesn’t have to have hundreds of thousands of dollars set aside to integrate search engine optimization into your social media efforts. Any small business can make sure they’re taking the essential steps that will help their content get the traction it needs. The key to making sure that your content is optimized is two-part. First, optimizing for how people search when they go to a search engine like Google or Bing, and second, optimizing for how people search when they go to a social networking community like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. – Liana Evans / ClickZ

Chart Courtesy of

March 15, 2012

Tracking Social Media ROI via Hootsuite

The integration between HootSuite™ Enterprise Social Media Management System and Adobe®Digital Marketing Suite connects social media messages to website conversions and stats; this integration brings social media practitioners the kind of measurement prevalent in SEO, SEM and display markets.

– via WSJ MarketWatch

March 15, 2012

Beyond the Fetishization of Social Media

“It seems that overnight, the viral video has become some sort of badge of honor within advertising communities. CMOs without them are beginning to feel like the only kid in second grade without a Cabbage Patch doll.” – James DeJulio

Social media are a means, not an end. And going viral isn’t “mission accomplished,” regardless of what it was that went viral. – Arianna Huffington

“What it means to be social is if you want to talk to me, you have to listen to me as well.” – Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg

March 15, 2012

The Social Media Ecosystem

“With the advent of user generated content and sharing features, social platforms are the new kings of the web. That said – and I assume you already know this – not every social platform is the same. ” – Forbes Tech

March 15, 2012

The Curator’s Code

The curator’s code provides two unicode symbols that aim to standardize the act of attributing content across the web.

  •  A sideways “S” figure, which represents an original source (think of it as the the equivalent as a retweet or “via” on Twitter)
  •  A looped arrow, which represents a “hat tip” (as in, “here’s the source who alerted me to this thing I’m linking to” or “here’s the original inspiration for this spinoff idea I had”)

For example, for this post, my attribute line might be:

ᔥ  |  | 

Grabbing the symbols to insert into text is made easy by the provided bookmarklet. The drawback with that method, however, is that the symbols are pasted into your posts with built-in links to the Curator’s Code Website. I prefer to simply use the unlinked symbols (both methods are utilized in this post).

Will they catch on?

March 12, 2012

The intersection of marketing and PR

Scott Monty is the head of social media for no less than the Ford Motor Co. He also runs a personal blog where he informs and opines on trends in social media marketing.

March 12, 2012

Social Media Bootcamp

In 37 easy steps …

November 14, 2011

Telecommuting = Productivity

This surprises me not at all (except that brick & mortar travel agencies still exist).

(via Lifehacker)

November 3, 2011

Asana: Like FaceBook, but with the opposite effect.

A single place where people can see every project colleagues are working on, answer questions, and get instant updates about how the work is progressing.

And it’s free!

Some recent articles:

September 9, 2011

From movable to mobile type.

“Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world. Unreasonable
people attempt to adapt the world to themselves. All progress,
therefore, depends on unreasonable people.” – George Bernard Shaw

In honour of Michael Stern Hart, inventor of e-books, founder of Project Gutenberg.

It’s been years since I visited the site and it looks much the same now as it did then. No fussiness, a pure resource. On my first foray, I downloaded a copy of Remembrance of Things Past (Swann’s Way) by Marcel Proust and was a bit dismayed at the very boring reems of typewriter-like Courier font. Still, I had the text at my fingertips, gratis, and that was immensely pleasing.

Much progress has been made in the subsequent years. Project Gutenberg now offers over 36,000 FREE ebooks to download to your PC, and also for Kindle, Android, iOS or other portable devices, with or without graphics. Click the image below to begin your tour through Hart’s e-stacks.

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