There’s no avoiding them, particularly in equity research, and there’s a gazillion of them! Not to be confused with abbreviations, acronyms certainly have their place; after all, how many times does anyone want to read or write Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin when a simple WCSB will do?

However, analysts often assume that we are all so familiar with their respective sectors that we’ll automatically know what any odd acronym stands for. Not true! And for those of us who are familiar with this or that acronym, it sometimes doesn’t hurt to be reminded.

One resource I have found crucial in my research editing career has been this:

I have used this site countless times and almost always get it right because of the handy categorization, which means you’re not likely to confuse a medical acronym with an oil & gas term for example.

ALWAYS spell out an acronym the first time it appears in text. And it doesn’t hurt to pepper a sectioned report with the full spell out either; sometimes readers only want to look at the Valuation and/or Recommendation section(s), for example, so help them out if it’s been awhile since the acronym first appeared in the text.


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    thanks to google I found you

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