Sweet: Onepager

It doesn’t get much easier than this. A simple (and free!) interactive app to create a hosted one-page website, step-by-step. It’s so easy, virtually anyone can use it. Don’t believe me? See for yourself. (Click photo.)

Onepager provides quick and easy set-up for a business (or person) who wants to be found; it’s like creating an informative bookmark on the web, just for you. Minimum interactivity, sure, but it gets you in the game and lets people know what you’re about and how to contact you for some real life products or service. Presto!

Disclosure: I’ve got no stake in this but I am a big fan of little apps that are 1. free and 2. make things that were formerly complicated,  simple and easy. Onepage fits the bill! I can think of a bunch of my friends who enjoy oddball hobbies, coach amateur sports teams, or have upcoming events that could use a service like this. Can’t you?

Thanks to BusinessInsiderSAI for tweeting this out!


One Comment to “Sweet: Onepager”

  1. Now that is some cool journalism.

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