Green Collar

One of the great advantages of being a knowledge-based professional with a very specific work flow — i.e., a research report is submitted, edited, checked for compliance, returned to author, goes through some back and forth, then signed off and published/distributed — is that I can work from anywhere in the world, in any time zone; my kick-ass laptop and reliable WIFI service are all the “office” I need. It’s not in my nature, nor is it possible to “slack off”; the job is strictly task based: reports must be read and returned in a timely manner, publishing deadlines must be met, administrative data must be kept up-to-date. I’ve been successfully working in this highly efficient and win-win telecommuter manner for the past eight years or so, and I find it incredible that there continues to be debate on the matter.

Just today, LinkedIn featured a story from Fast Company entitled Should You Let Your Employees Work from Home?, a title I find, oh, just slightly condescending, to be as polite as possible about it. And it’s quite amusing because the determining factors all hinge on whether the employee rates this consideration. I believe it would be far more useful to create a similar infographic for management, with questions along the lines of:  “Are you a control freak? micro-manager?” “Do you believe your employees are capable of doing their jobs without your constant supervision?” “If you can’t physically see an employee, do they no longer exist?” “Do you know how to use email? a cellphone? land line? IM? Skype?Webex?” Well, I could go on — and on — but will refrain for the sake of brevity.

Anyhoo … this new infographic came across the wire this afternoon and I thought I’d share it. Not nearly so paternalistic in tone as the FastCompany/Mindflash version and speaks to what I believe are the obvious advantages (to employees, managers, and the environment) of corporations re-tooling their antiquated analog attitudes about “work”.

And for your listening pleasure …


One Comment to “Green Collar”

  1. This made me snicker for a protracted time.

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