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March 15, 2012

The Curator’s Code

The curator’s code provides two unicode symbols that aim to standardize the act of attributing content across the web.

  •  A sideways “S” figure, which represents an original source (think of it as the the equivalent as a retweet or “via” on Twitter)
  •  A looped arrow, which represents a “hat tip” (as in, “here’s the source who alerted me to this thing I’m linking to” or “here’s the original inspiration for this spinoff idea I had”)

For example, for this post, my attribute line might be:

ᔥ  |  | 

Grabbing the symbols to insert into text is made easy by the provided bookmarklet. The drawback with that method, however, is that the symbols are pasted into your posts with built-in links to the Curator’s Code Website. I prefer to simply use the unlinked symbols (both methods are utilized in this post).

Will they catch on?

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