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August 12, 2011

Head in(to) the clouds.

I’ve been doing some freelance work and cloud computing is the best. No need for back and forth emails with files attached, just work in the cloud! You share the file and get updates when files are changed, etc. Similar to having a network server in a regular office, but this server is limitless and you can invite anyone to be a part of it. You can restrict sharing to specific folders (i.e., one client doesn’t have access to another client’s folder).  And you can set up folders for anyone on any specific topic (say, vacation photos). It’s almost like the circles in Google+ (I’m assuming you’re on there too, I am … find it a bit ho hum but that’s a topic for another day).

Anyway, the cloud I’m on is “Dropbox” but there are many others. Free for the most part, an easy download and you’re up and running. If you use up massive amounts of space then you can opt to “rent” a cloud for a reasonable fee (consider the alternative of having an IT department maintain a server!). The files are regularly backed-up, the site is just as secure as any other site, like your email account, for example … so I wouldn’t tend to put highly sensitive material there … but that’s a judgement call. One business I work for has virtually all its working files uploaded so anyone (who has been granted access) can keep up-to-date on job progress from anywhere in the world without a lot of inbox clutter. Sweet.

Here’s an article that reviews a few of the free options available.

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