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August 17, 2011

My First Company (Store)

Over the past few days I’ve been busy building this e-commerce site for a client. They have branches right across the country and this stand-alone store allows everyone in the company to procure branded items online with ease. The site features a custom selection of products, easily expanded to include new items, is fully operational — shopping to shipping,  and was built using a back-end provided by Volusion.

[Takes a bow.]

This is a great service for any enterprise that wants to provide an endless range of branded products/ stationery/holiday cards, etc., using a platform that operates independently and doesn’t tie up in-house staff with sourcing/inventory/delivery. Companies can incorporate all manner of special coupons or pricing for client gifts or staff incentives.

Very cool.  And I got to brush up on my dusty old HTML skills in the process.

(Not to mention becoming rather too familiar with Canada’s bizarre federal/provincial tax structure. Do you know, for example, that provincial sales tax for the residents of lovely PEI is calculated on top of GST. That’s right! They are are taxed on tax! Quebec too. Come on. How messed up is that?! )

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