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August 3, 2011

Copy Me! I don’t mind, really.

Financial service companies take note! Tynt is an app that tracks how your website is being used via what material is copy & pasted. Even if just a single phrase is “Ctrl-C’d” to use in a search engine elsewhere, this is recorded. Wouldn’t this be a useful tool for research departments (or for any department that interfaces with clients via a website)?!  We could easily see who is using what  — and how — and use this to 1. Get paid. (Always at the top of the list!) and 2. Unearth gaps in the material we publish and/or direct us to the most popular items, which we’d probably want to build on.


Tynt’s technology now captures how people are using data – whether reposting on another site, e-mailing or even pasting it into a search engine to look for more information.

This last capability is significant, Mr. Ball says. When readers copy and paste into a browser, online publishers can learn what topics people are interested in. In addition, it can reveal information gaps in a site.

Tynt’s tools rely on Internet cookies – widely used for tracking online behaviour – and small snippets of code that publishers can insert into Web pages. Simplicity is part of the appeal.

Turning Failure into Copy & Paste Success

Disclosure: I have no affiliation with this company/technology. Saw a story on it and thought, hmmm.

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