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August 16, 2011

Tweet Organization

If, like me, you telecommute and are not subject to IT jamming your ability to integrate professional social media networks — Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. — you may find one certain tool very helpful: Tweetdeck. Perhaps you’re already using it!

This little blog is fairly new so all these links and resources are being built as we go and tweetdeck is the latest addition, but it’s been available for quite some time.
Our Supervisory_Analyst deck is organized with a column for newsfeeds (Reuters, AP, New York Times, et. al.), a column for editorial contacts, one for fun (gotta follow Snoop Dogg!), and a few others. Very easy to set up and modify as you go.

A quick scan to any column, and you can catch up on your custom filtered tweets, ignoring the rest. Bliss. Plus, there’s a handy pop-up that displays incoming tweets (and helps keep one awake during periods of text fatigue). Highly recommended and … best of all … FREE.

July 31, 2011

Join Me and Log Me In

Two crazy easy apps to use, both free, and both with basic but awesome functionality, formerly reserved for IT departments, now available to us all.

Join Me allows you to invite anyone to drop in and view your desktop. Think about the possibilities for training, file sharing, peer-to-peer help and discussion! IT departments already use this function take over our computers  when we run into trouble, but now, anyone can have this ability. It is so simple to use you might think you’re missing something. But nope, it really is super easy. All you do is send an invite. As a special bonus, the app also generates a conference call number at the same time.  So, let’s say there are several of you together on one desktop discussing a presentation, you also have an 800 number to call to get in on the discussion. How great is that?

Log Me In is also free and equally easy to use. You can log onto your own desktop from any computer  or mobile device … from anywhere. Mobility and access just got a whole lot easier for freelancers; it’s like we have our own IT department! And … you can of course use the printer! So, while sipping campari on the terrace at Pensione Guerrato in Venice, I log in and put the final touches on an invoice, and print out a hard copy in my office in Toronto!  How sweet is that? (Not that I work with hard copies much anymore, but you get the drift.)

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