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August 5, 2011

Old-timey first dollar in the e-age.

Don’t you love those mom-and-pop variety stores, diners, bodegas, etc., where right there in your line of vision, tacked up on the wall behind the cash register, is a dusty old piece of the local paper currency? Perhaps barely visible, wrapped in yellowing cling film, the owner’s first earned dollar. It speaks to pride in their establishment, represents the stability of the enterprise, and presents us, the customers, with a little corner of continuity and stability in this chaotic world we all share.

So … I have one now — a first dollar in a fashion — and am very proud to hang it on my virtual smoke shop wall. My first mention in the twitter stream!  I am rather thrilled. Also, I must direct your attention to the provider of this kind currency, angrysubeditor, editor of business reports, and self-described as “permanently angry about the abuse of English, maths and logic. Views are [his] own, at least until [he] inserts them into our publications.”  Ta.

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